Compliant Drivers = Peace of Mind


Many vehicle operators don't realise how liable they are for their own and their drivers' actions or non-compliance in a Company vehicle.

Driver's involved in an incident may incriminate the business in any shortcomings.

Following a serious road accident, the police will investigate and closely scrutinise your work policies, procedures and driver compliance/induction process that applied to the driver and request to see documented evidence.

Our internet based Driver Compliance/Induction Package with supporting paper trail will fulfil your obligations to prove the driver has received an effective and comprehnsive Induction.

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Digital Tachographs - Finishing Duty, Logging Off


"This easy-to-use, comprehensive and fully narrated CD-ROM explains in a step-by-step format, how to load a Large Goods Vehicle, where the weight should be placed and how the load should be secured."
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