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Have Peace of Mind and Induct your Drivers

Tailored Driver Compliance Solutions

A good Operator, when employing the services of an Agency Driver, should write to the Agency Company giving clear information on all their specific requirements.

Our unique niche is supplying bespoke and recordable on-line Driver Compliance/Inductions for new and existing drivers of LGVs and Vans.  Aligned with your Company values, let us help you sell your business on to your customer base by demonstrating that your Supply Drivers that have completed a robust, documented Driver Induction.  Give your customers the confidence to stay on track with the enforcement agencies, The Office of the Traffic Commissioner and ultimately, the self-assurance to service their end clients with a knowledgeable, customer focused Driver.

From trucks to vans, LGV Drivers Choice Ltd specialise in supplying driver compliance processes.

We can supply fully bespoke, cost effective management systems to Driver Recruitment Agencies of all sizes, using all types of vehicle categories.

Our unique Internet -based driver compliance/induction package includes 10 sections of fully narrated material with cut-off points for the induction process to be logged on individual driver progress records.  Once completed, progress records can be retained within the driver's personnel file and used as supporting evidence to prove that a comprehensive induction has been undertaken. The Induction takes 3.5hrs and can be viewed on computer, tablet or phone (you may need to download the necessary, free, App to view on a tablet or phone).

Induction Overview -

  1. Exclusive link to Internet based Induction –  5 modules containing 10 key stages plus video resources.
  2. Bespoke, includes your Company logo and colours.  If you wish to include a video from your Company Director/Account Supervisor as an opening introduction, this can be added.
  3. A recordable sign off booklet to show that your driver has completed each module of the Induction.
  4. Driver's Manual
  5. Certificate of completion issued on initial induction and annually thereafter (Driver CPC compatible).
  6. Standard Policies
  7. Annual Licence fee for unlimited use - can be used to host initial, ongoing inductions and in-house guided Driver CPC training (JUAPT lesson plans etc supplied at an additional charge).
  8. Automatic legislative updates included – Keep ahead of Brexit and structural changes to our sector.
  9. Helpline
  10. Your own existing Policies can be included, if required (additional charge applies).
  11. On-line Test, if required, choice of multiple-choice or interactive tests (additional charge applies)



Cost per Company is a one-off set up fee - £50 + £375 Annual Fee +VAT and you can process as many Drivers as you desire whilst the annual licence is valid.

Includes -

  •         Company logo and colours.
  •         Video introduction (if supplied).
  •         A recordable sign off booklet to show module completion.
  •         Driver’s Manual
  •         Certificate of Completion
  •         Policies (if required)
  •        Your own photos included (if supplied).

Additional services

  •         On-line tests can be supplied if required
  •         Additional, bespoke slides can be included if required

Please contact us for a quotation for these extras.

 Annual Licence fee which includes

  •         Unique link to Internet based Induction
  •        Viewable on computer, tablet or phone
  •         Unlimited, annual, use
  •         Free automatic, legislative updates included
  •         Helpline

LGV Drivers Induction


LGV Induction Sample

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