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Digital Tachograph Training


Step-By-Step Guide To Digital Tachographs

+ A Free Digital Tachograph Simulator

This Training CD-Rom comes in 2 Parts.

Part 1 is The Step-By-Step Guide To Digital Tachographs, which is an Original Copyright Protected Product aimed at simplifying Digital Tachographs and is

fully narrated by an experienced City and Guilds 3929 VDO Siemens Digital Tachograph Certified Transport Trainer

Part 2 includes a widely used Tachograph Simulator, which Is Supplied Without Charge as it's Freely Available to Download from the Internet.

This Free Simulator covers the following Tachographs:


Whatever you drive perfect for LGV & PSV Operations

You can choose the mode you require from:

  • Company Mode
  • Operational Mode (Driving)
  • Control mode

The Step-By-Step Guide to Digital Tachographs uses a Siemens DTCO 1381 as a training module.

This easy to follow Step-by-Step program covers everything that a Driver needs to know about the generic use of Digital Tachographs as well as the every day use of a Drivers Smart Card and its care and control.

The whole program is uniquely presented over in a styled format

Devised by Drivers, for Drivers.

Using a Flash Program, the package self loads on to your computer
The Program can be paused, slides can be moved forward or returned and built-in training notes can be displayed. The program if stopped will return automatically to where it was last left off, when the CD Rom is next reinserted. Finally the CD-ROM ends with an interactive test to confirm your new found knowledge.

The whole training program is fully narrated last’s for approximately 75 minutes all for the price of just £9.99 + £1.50 postage and packaging.

The alternative heavy based classroom session can be as long in duration but can be up to 10 times more expensive than our Training Package.

You decide, our Step-by-Step Guide to Digital tachographs in conjunction with the supplied

Free Tachograph Simulator, allows you to interactively undertake the training in the comfort of your own surroundings, at your own speed without any further incurred travelling costs etc.

To veiw a short demo, not in its presented template and finished quality, go to


Nothing to hide

This product, with good reason is by no means the cheapest, but check out our original feedback from over a 170 other satisfied Drivers who have invested in this Quality Training Tool.

  • Fast delivery. Excellent training aid. Should keep VOSA off my back !!!!!!!!!!!
  • Super fast delivery, excellent drivers guide, many thanks.
  • Fast delivery, lots of info, could save you ££££ A+++++
  • Spot on, the real thing. Worth every penny

By purchasing our CD Rom, you will always have a clear and concise point of reference to refer back to at a later date.

Some of the topics covered include in the narrated step by step guide:

The various types of Smart Card's - Smart Card loss and replacement
Locking in and locking out-
·Events, faults and work time warnings
Manual records UTC Time and time zone offsets
Card insertion
Card ejection
Ship and Train movements
Out of scope driving
Begin/end country recording
Multi Manning procedures
Printouts and w
ritten records and record retention

The various types of Smart Card's -

There is nothing to be afraid of Digital Tachographs.

This Training Package will leave you properly trained, and fully accustomed to a Digital Tachographs easy operation. 

Once confident, you will never look back to the old cumbersome days of filling out analogue Tachograph Charts.

Should you have any questions then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank You for Looking



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