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It's not to late for you to put your trust in us to help formulate the most appropriate, initial and on-going Driver Compliance/Induction Program to suit your Operations needs.

Our main Program Developer is a time served Driver/Transport & Training Manager having previously been employed for 10 years by the Road Haulage Association (RHA), as an Area Manager and Trainer. Therefore, we have a wealth of industry knowledge and experience allowing us to provide the best possible professional training.

From trucks to vans, LGV Drivers Choice Ltd specialise in supplying bespoke driver compliance processes.  We can supply fully bespoke, cost effective management systems to Fleet Vehicle users of all sizes and all vehicle categories.

Our unique Internet -based Driver Compliance Package includes 10 sections of fully narrated  material. Cut-off points  are in place for the  compliance/ induction process to be logged on individual driver progress charts.  Once completed, progress charts can be retained within the driver's personnel file and used as supporting evidence to  prove that a comprehensive and high level of driver compliance has been achieved.

Quick Overview of LGV Drivers Choice Ltd -  Driver Compliance Program

  • A quality bespoke, cost effective product identifiable to the Company.
  • A process that can easily be conducted on a Lap Top, Tablet or Mobile Phone.
  • A recordable record made for each Driver to be held on their personnel file.
  • Individually signed policies & procedures
  • A concise Driver Manual 

 Compliance Tick

 Take Away The StressComprehensive Driver Compliance

Many Vehicle Operators don't realise they are liable for their drivers' actions or non-compliance on the road.  For an owner or operator running a fleet of vans or lorries, it can be a costly business when their drivers do not comply with the rules and regulations.


Vehicle Operators have a responsibility to:

  • Ensure that drivers are legal.
  • Ensure professional standards are maintained.
  • Provide a robust Driver Induction.

Do You Have Full & Effective Control


Operator Licence Compliance

For Operator Licence Holders - You may at some point need to show a Traffic Commissioner that you have adequate systems in place to make sure you and your drivers understand and are able to obey all the rules.  A robust Driver Compliance Package will enable you to comply with the general undertakings made as part of the Operator Licence application.                                                                                                                                                                       

Ignorance is not a Defence 

Company Directors

Companies with poor driver compliance procedures risk breaking the law.  Company Directors must be aware that it is also an offence to cause or permit someone to commit an offence under the Road Traffic Act.

Vehicle owners and Operator Licence Holders that fail to induct, monitor and ensure that their drivers remain compliant could be putting their entire business and/or Operator Licence in jeopardy.

 LGV Induction Sample


Install your own Belts & Braces Driver Compliance Package for

just a one-off Annual Subscription Fee of £125 + VAT

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