Robust Company Information

Set your stall in order, our services offer you full access to a comprehensive online driver induction and ongoing compliance program, all designed to keep your logistics staff safe and compliant, allowing you to demonstrate full and effective control over the transport operation.

The program consists of 8 traceable, endorse-able and informational Modules:

Module 1 - Drivers Introduction

Module 2 - Site Safety

Module 3 - Company Rules/Fitness to Drive

Module 4 - Trailer Coupling Process

Module 5 - First Use Checks/Defect Reporting Process

Module 6 - Tachograph and Drivers Card Procedures

Module 7 - Customer Care

Module 8 - Overloading Policy and Loads and Restraints

An overall induction program for Office Workers, Warehouse Staff and Forklift Drivers is also available.
Training can be completed on any mobile or desktop device connected to the internet.

Our Compliance Program is Unique

Check out a sample module

Module 1 Drivers Introduction

In this module Drivers will discover that they play a key part in your organisation and that their role is a valued one. The module is designed to install the feel good factor and ensures that Drivers have a sense of team membership. The module also outlines to Drivers aspects of conduct expected from them and equally, where their rights stand with you as a trusted employer.

As this is a sample version, the introduction outlines areas of where parts of the module can have you own bespoke elements, such as photos, colour schemes and statements etc. added.

As this sample is not hosted on the 'myAko' platform, it is not locked for demonstration purposes.

The aim of this Driver Compliance program is to inform drivers of your Company’s requirements, rules and regulations with regard to the operation of vehicles and provide operational information and procedures.

All training is tracked and recorded and records of training can be produced for DVSA or FORS auditing purposes at the click of a button.

Bespoke - include your Company logo, colours and own inserted pictures and If you wish to include a video from your Company Director/Transport Manager/Supervisor as an opening introduction, this can be added. (additional charge applies).

Please take the time to view our site and see just how much information and resources you will be entitled to.