Speed Awareness

As the holder of a Large Goods Vehicle Operator's Licence, you have an obligation or duty to inform the Traffic Commissioner of any relevant speeding offences committed by your drivers.

If you do not comply with this ruling within 28 days then you have broken one of your Operator's Licence undertakings and risk being called to a Public Inquiry.  This could lead to the potential of regulatory action being taken against your 'O' licence. 

What does this mean?

‘O’ Licence holders have a powerful role to play in influencing employee driver attitudes and behaviour.  All your drivers need to be informed that driving at inappropriate speeds is not a minor, technical offence that everyone commits but a serious, dangerous and anti-social activity. 

Why ensure that speeding drivers undertake this course?

There is no doubt that inappropriate speed is one of the most serious road safety problems on Britain's roads.

Drivers undertaking this course will:

  • Develop correct attitudes and behaviour around speed and LGV usage
  • Identify compliance with Speed Limits and Operator Licence requirements
  • Recognise different speed limit areas 
  • Identify the consequences of speeding 

By implementing this course, you will ensure:

  • Evidence of Operator Licence undertaking compliance
  • Demonstrate relative driver action has been taken
  • Show a system of driver rehabilitation towards the misuse of speed is in place 
  • Help protect your ‘O’ Licence from disciplinary intervention in respect of speeding infringements  

Proof is in the Pudding!

How often do you download and check your Tachograph's speed data?

The digital tachograph vehicle unit will store the exact speed data for every second of driving but only for 24 hours of driving.

In reality, if the nearest 40mph road is 15 minutes from your Operating Centre and DVSA come in and download your vehicle units, only to discover speeds in excess of 30mph and in some cases 20mph, your whole undertaking to the Traffic Commissioner to prevent your vehicles from speeding, has been blown out of the water!

Remember that each of your digital tachographs records the Five most serious overspeeds over the last 365 days, showing dates time and duration, max and average speed and Driver and drivers card identification.

Monitor your Drivers and ensure that offenders undertake this course, document its results and continue to monitor and observe the Drivers speed recordings.