Tachograph Infringements

EU drivers' hours rules set limits for daily, weekly and fortnightly driving and specify minimum breaks for drivers during the working day and daily and weekly rest periods.

Drivers must be made aware that if they constantly commit driving break  infringements, they are likely to incur a serious sanction from DVSA and as the Operator, you risk bringing your repute into question with The Traffic Commissioners Office.

To coincide with the infringement interview held with the Transport Manager/Responsible Person, the Company should ensure that some immediate access to quantifiable training is given to repeat offenders. By using our on line brief against specific infringements, the driver is notified to their legal responsibilities and likely sanctions to be imposed on them if an Enforcement Officer wishes to take further action. Once completed, the process is tested and saved on the Drivers personal learning file. Evidence of training can be produced on demand.

Operators will not be held responsible for drivers' hours offences committed by their drivers if they can show that at the time of the infringement the driver's work was being organised in full consideration of the rules and that the driver was properly instructed. regular checks on downloaded data is made and where issuse where found, restorative action had been taken.

Our method of Tachograph Infringement training will help add to an operators position in being able to provide evidence of a proactive stance in disciplining and retraining drivers.

Each course undertaken is tested and records are held on drivers individual training files.