Protect Your Operators Licence with a Robust Driver Induction

Put your trust in us to help formulate the most appropriate, initial and on-going Driver Compliance/Induction Program to suit your Operations needs.

For Operator Licence Holders - You may at some point need to show a Traffic Commissioner that you have adequate systems in place to make sure you and your drivers understand and are able to obey all the rules.  A tracked, documented robust Driver Compliance Package will enable you to comply with the general undertakings made as part of the Operator Licence application.  

What Does Our Driver Compliance/Induction Program Contain?

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Follow Jack with our Driver Compliance Program

Please don't just take our word on the quality of our Driver Compliance/Induction Package, watch the following video to see how one of the UK's Top 100 Hauliers benefited from it's in-house use.

Follow Jack Richards & Son’s lead and embrace the benefits of an on-line Driver induction process. From the start, give your Drivers all the support, advice and guidance that they will need.

Adopt a Belt & Braces Approach
Adopt a Belt & Braces Approach

We know that you just can't sit with your Driver 24hrs a day! But it is wise to have to have processes and policies in place to show that relevant control checks have been made on individuals.

Comprehensive Driver Compliance

Many Vehicle Operators don't realise they are liable for their drivers' actions or non-compliance on the road.  For an owner or operator running a fleet of vans or lorries, it can be a costly business when their drivers do not comply with the rules and regulations.

Vehicle Operators have a responsibility to:

  • Ensure that drivers are legal
  • Ensure professional standards are maintained
  • Provide a robust Driver Induction

No website can ever carry all the information that might be wanted, so if there is anything else that you might want to know, please contact us today to discuss your requirements and let us help you to safeguard your Transport Operation.

Eunice Scott-Smith

Director / LGV Drivers Choice Ltd

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